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Audrey Simonny

Franzi tells us about the Christian Surfers Girls weekend that took place in Hossegor end of August.


Hey! I’m Franzi, 18, from Bavaria/Germany. I participated in the Christian Surfers Girls Surf weekend last summer. In many ways these three days were a great time for me and I made some special memories that I will never forget:
For example the big delicious meals that we first made together and then ate outside in the garden of the surf hostel we lived in.
And the times when we went surfing on the beach and I finally managed to stand on the board for more then three seconds. I’m very thankful for the powerful feeling you have when you’re surfing a good wave, even if it didn’t happen that often haha.
We also had daily devotions when we read the Bible or different women either shared their testimony or gave us encouragement to quiet self-doubt and comparing ourselves with others, but grow into strong women who have their identity in God.
All in all, I found it very encouraging and refreshing to spend time with a bunch of young people that share the same belief as foundation which is a very powerful connection and also share the passion for surfing.

CS France Hits the Road Again, Key Members Gather in Bretagne

Audrey Simonny


Now three years into our nationwide networking efforts to find those surfing Christians that must surely be out there in the French lineups, we’ve noticed momentum for CS France picking up significantly.  The newly released Bible des Surfeurs is starting to bear fruit, not only in making the gospel known on the beaches, but also in bringing greater visibility to Christian Surfers both in evangelical and in Catholic circles in France.  In addition, we continue to receive new contacts through the website and social media, and now we’re seeing surfers who were new contacts two or three years ago committing themselves to the Every Surfer mission. 

Thus, with the aim of coalescing key members and leaders around the vision and turning the conversation towards strategy, national director Audrey Harrison convened the greater part of her nascent team for a weekend retreat in May at Plouharnel in Bretagne (Brittany).  The gathering also afforded the Harrisons the opportunity to organize this year’s annual networking road trip with stops along the way towards Bretagne.

One of the highlights of our week on the road was meeting a young man who had received the Bible des Surfeurs from a friend and promptly gave us a call.  Passionate in his desire to share his faith with fellow surfers, he is now equipped with more copies and has already placed one in the lounge of his surf club with the club president’s blessing.  Other encouraging outcomes include two new partner churches in Bretagne, two different pastors expressing a desire to plant surfer-friendly churches, and a group of teens getting excited about belonging to CS France.  The icing on the cake was a sunset session at Sainte Barbe to wrap up the weekend gathering! 

In the new year

Audrey Simonny


Christian Surfers wishes you a happy new year. May the Lord keep you close to Him and satisfy you in his presence. We hope to remain close to you as well and would love for you to send us your news. You can contact us at

This year, we are releasing a new prayer calendar. Every month, there is a beautiful photo of the line-up, as well as news from four countries where Christian Surfers is active. Each country has a couple prayer requests and a photo. If you wish to have a calendar, please let us know at

Autumn - Welcome to Hossegor!

Audrey Simonny

DJI_0032-2 copy.jpg

An amazing gathering took place in les Landes region (the sunny south west of France) late September.

The 2018 International gathering was held on the beautiful beaches of Hossegor bringing together 280 surfers from 27 countries gathered to worship and train together to continue our mission of seeing #everysurfer and all the surfing communities having the opportunity to know and follow Jesus!
We had the opportunity to listen to every country’s achievements in the last few years but also to pray for certainty in visions and accomplishment in goals.
It was a week of encouragement and renewal for all of these Christian surfers who are eager to realize the plans that God has put in their hearts to reach the lost throughout their society. 
A mixture of beautiful languages and funny cultures (especially the French cuisine) were shared amongst us all but a large amount of faithfulness and wisdom was also exchanged in preparation for the future adventures that await us.


Audrey Simonny

In August, we received 2000 copies of La Bible des Surfeurs!

réception Bible.JPG

The story in a nutshell:

In 2004, the first edition of the French Surfers Bible came out, thanks to the initiative and funding of Christian Surfers Tahiti.  6,000 New Testaments were printed.  In the years since, they have made their way across France and have proved to be most useful in the start-up of Christian Surfers France and in churches along the coast of France.  Several of our friends in the southwest testify that the Surfers Bible played a key role in their coming to faith.  This year, fourteen years after their initial printing, we realized we were distributing the very last boxes of La Bible des Surfeurs and simultaneously recognized that it was also time for a graphic redesign and new testimonies of professional and francophone surfers.

Audrey, the national coordinator of Christian Surfers France, then started a conversation with Christian Surfers Tahiti and subsequently with Roy Harley and Phil Williams.  With the biannual International Gathering slated to come to Hossegor, France in the fall of 2018, Roy encouraged Audrey to push the project forward to unveil the new edition at the Conference!  With only months to go to raise the funds, contact potential publishers, solicit testimonies and accompanying photography, work with a graphic designer for the cover and layout of the testimonies, it seemed a momentous task, especially given the particular busyness of the season.  Faith stirred in our hearts, however, and we said, “Let’s go for it!”

We opted to keep the same format, publisher, and Bible translation from the first edition.  Though it is a bit bulky for just the New Testament, what was more important for us than a compact size was the ease of reading as most of the French people who are receiving this Bible are encountering God’s Word for the very first time.  With large print, a single column layout, and text broken up into short passages with headings, it’s inviting to read.  We got updated testimonies from the likes of Eric Arakawa and CJ Hobgood who were already in the 2004 edition, and we added the stories of a number of francophone surfers including Anne-Cécile Lacoste, female world champion bodyboarder in 2015. 

With pieces of the puzzle falling into place, we turned our attention to the financing of the project.  3,000 copies at about 5€ each comes to 15,000€, a daunting sum for CS France which had about fifty bucks in a dormant bank account a year ago.  We launched a crowdfunding campaign in France, dug into our own pockets, and turned to a couple churches we know in the US.  God stunned us with a reply from the US within 24 hours of sending out the e-mail—nearly 5000€ already on the way!  That put us over what we needed for the down payment, and the Bibles went to print!

We received 2,000 copies of the 2018 edition of La Bible des Surfeurs a few weeks before the conference and an additional 1,000 have been shipped to Tahiti.  In France, the Bibles have already been put in the hands of surfers on the beaches of Brittany and the Mediterranean through our expanding network of CS France contacts and partners. 

We praise God for the way that La Bible des Surfeurs is helping to fulfill the vision of #everysurfer.


Audrey Simonny


In 2016, we set out on our first Christian Surfers France networking road trip, and every year since we’ve visited new spots and made new connections.   After meeting surfers and churches on the Mediterranean and Normandy coasts, and even some Parisians (no, there’s no standing wave on the Seine unfortunately), 2018 was the year to head towards Brittany.  Thus, during the spring school holidays, the Harrisons hit the road from Hossegor heading north.

Our first stop was Nantes where we met Léo, a twenty-something skater/surfer who was the first person to contact us through the re-launched website of CS France.  Audrey had communicated back and forth with Léo by e-mail for about a year, so we were thrilled that he was free to meet us as we passed through Nantes as the gateway to la Bretagne.  What a testimony we heard!  Plunged deep into the sordid and addictive night scene, Léo experienced a radical awakening while at a night club in Berlin.  God broke through the darkness and brought him into the light of Christ.  He is now breaking free of the strongholds of sin in his life as he is regularly discipled by a group of priests.

Next on our itinerary was a visit with a couple that had stopped in at Surf Church while they were on holiday in Hossegor last year and while we were away ourselves.  We had therefore never met in person but had been talking and praying with them regularly via Skype ever since. Esther and Jonathan have purchased a plot of land near one of the most well-known spots on the south coast of Brittany and are building a home for which they have a vision of welcoming surfers and potentially launching a house church.  Then on Britanny’s north coast, we visited a church in Saint-Malo that we had been hearing about for a long time as having a number of surfers including the assistant pastor.  We were warmly welcomed by Loïc and his wife who fed us and regaled us with stories and testimonies of the early days of surfing in la Bretagne.  We were able to spend time with several other surfers from Loïc’s church who were unanimous in their enthusiasm for the vision and ministry of Christian Surfers France.

With each new and renewed contact on our trip, we equipped them with outreach tools including CS France-branded surf wax and copies of la Bible des Surfeurs from the last boxes remaining from the 2004 printing.  By the way, be on the lookout at the International Conference for the release of a brand new edition of this French New Testament with surfers’ testimonies!

We praise God for the mutual encouragement in all of these growing friendships and connections, and we look forward to our next networking road trip.  In the meantime, we hope to see many of you in Hossegor in September.  May every French surfer have the opportunity to know and follow Jesus!

In the new year

Audrey Simonny


Christian Surfers wishes you a happy new year. May the Lord keep you close to Him and satisfy you in his presence. We hope to remain close to you as well and would love for you to send us your news. You can contact us at

This year, we are releasing a new prayer calendar. Every month, there is a beautiful photo of the line-up, as well as news from four countries where Christian Surfers is active. Each country has three prayer requests and a photo. If you wish to have a calendar, please let us know at


Audrey Simonny


After travelling for eighteen months around the country, after dozens of meals, of surf sessions, of Skype calls, and so on, we finally all met up for a weekend in les Landes. Anne-Cécile Lacoste and Bianca Buitendag, both professional surfers, shared about their life on the pro tour; Mathieu and Sarah told us what the "Surf Together" weekends are all about; Melissa explained the idea behind "Business As Mission" ("where you live is where you work and where you minister"); Christophe gave us an overview of the past ten years of Christian Surfers in France; Stéphanie, Loïc and Isa sang some beautiful worship songs; Moïse baked great banana bread; and Levi and Sophie were the indisputable king and queen of the weekend-long Indo Board competition. The weather was so horrible that only a few were able to go surfing Friday evening. No surf for the rest of the weekend! Ironic, don't you think, for a gathering of surfers?


Audrey Simonny

12 juillet 2017_Aurélien_Lévy_DSC_4251.jpg

The week of France's national holiday (July 14th) was full on. We attended a huge gathering of young people in Le Havre, called Bouge Ta France, where we made some great connections. Many people were attracted by our Indo Board workshop where they could try out this balance challenge. We were able to meet several Christians who are surfers, and hear about how they share their faith in the water. We were encouraged to continue our network building efforts. See you soon, new friends!


Aaron Hughes

This spring is a season of baptisms. What better way to celebrate the life, death, and resurrection of our Savior than to be baptized on Easter Sunday! It's a great privilege to be able to walk through life together and a great joy to see our friends baptized in their local churches.