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Who We Are

CS France Vision

The Long Term Dream...

We have a desire for every surfer and every surfing community to have the opportunity to hear the Gospel.  Our hope through CS France is to meet individuals and groups of people who surf and are Christians, who surf and are not Christians, or who don’t surf and are Christians.  We want to meet those who live coastally and those who aren’t near water at all.  The initial focus is to promote an awareness of Christian Surfers in France – to have the chance to explain who we are, what we do and how people can get involved or participate in upcoming events or gatherings.  The idea is to be available to travel around and throughout the country to make connections and build relationships so that we can re-visit those places to put on events such as DVD nights and camps.  We know from research and a few contacts around the country already that people do desire to network and build community.  France is obviously a big country but through CS France, we hope to make connections which can strengthen our endeavour to see God’s kingdom come.

We are excited to see what God will do in this time, where and to whom He will lead us.  We are keen to build an authentic community which will enable one another to follow Jesus more closely.  We feel certain that He wants to see France transformed by the knowledge of His truth and presence and we feel Christian Surfers is a powerful way to reach people.  Surfers by nature have an open spirit and sensibility – embracing the ocean, the majesty and splendour of creation.  What better way to introduce God Almighty to them than through the very passion they already have?  Not every person is ready to step into a church – whether it be based on misconceptions or previous past experiences and so CS France is looking to create a stepping stone for people to meet and see Jesus through the events we hope to put on and conversations we can have with them. 



That every surfer and every surfing community has opportunity to know and follow Jesus


We share the good news of Jesus with surfers, following Him together in community, empowering others to do the same.


We are...

Faith-focused, Bible is our authority, Jesus, discipleship, prayer (Matt 28:18-20)

Humility, sacrifice, trust, empowering of others (Matt 20:26-27)

People of Integrity
Godly character, accountable, authentic (Titus 2:11-12, James 4:17)

Celebrate diversity, community, relational, partnering, international, open-source (Gal 3:28)

Adventurous, fun-loving, risk-taking, innovative, have-a-go (John 10:10) 


Choosing to create opportunities and platforms that will help initate relationships. e.g. our personal surfing, media, movie nights, camps, outreach contests, etc.

Choosing to create opportunities and platforms that introduce and grow surfers in their life-long relationship with Jesus.
e.g. local missions, Bible studies, camps, national movements, prayer, etc.

Choosing to create opportunities and platforms that enable us to meet the needs of our wider sur ng community. e.g. chaplaincy, events, logistical support, emergency response, community development, etc.

Choosing to create opportunities and platforms that empower our people to advance our mission.
e.g. training, mentoring, resources, leadership development, spiritual disciplines, etc.

Choosing to develop relationships of trust where sharing and joining with others helps us to achieve our vision. e.g. local churches, mission agencies, surf industry, secular surfing organisations, surf media, alumni, Aleph, etc.

Harbours and Ships

Ships are amazing, they sail the oceans facilitating trade, they connect us and they carry us on adventures to new places, but did you ever stop to consider that ships are made in Harbours? Not only are they made in harbours but ships can’t function without a good harbour. They need a place to return to, a safe and good place to call home. They need a refuge in the storm and a place of restoration and motivation for after the storm. 

Although ships are crafted in harbours, they cannot remain in the harbour as they will never fulfil their destiny.

Harbours themselves are not ships although most were originally created by ships that were given an assignment to explore new opportunities and open up new possibilities. Harbours are amazing places.

A good harbour always forms a nucleus and creates a gravity that breathes and builds communities town and cities. Every major world city on the planet started in this way.

Years ago I felt God speak to me about Harbours and Ships. It was an analogy for Christian Surfers, our mission and the local Church. It was freeing, empowering and challenging all at the same time.

God has blessed me with a beautiful life harbour. It has helped me navigate, build and develop as a ship. It has empowered, rebuked and admonished me. It is a safe place that has helped me to form my family and a place I love and still love to serve in. I have been blessed and shaped by other harbours too, and I have been welcomed, cared for, empowered and restored by many of His Harbours around the world. Without God’s harbours, it is impossible to be an effective vessel on mission. Without God’s harbours I have no doubt I would have wrecked.

An empowering harbour and a clarity of call and assignment, creates a sense of confidence in ships. Harbours and ships may have different functions and therefore different forms, but they serve the same end and exist to build one Kingdom.

I always pray for strong, courageous and empowering harbours and equally I pray for bold, teachable and humble ships - for this is how we achieve His vision. ‘So that every surfer and every surfing community would have opportunity to know and follow Jesus.’

Sadly not every harbour is good for every ship and equally as sad not all ships are willing to submit to their anchorage. I have never seen any great Kingdom succeed where this relationship is not in a good and healthy space.

So whether our role is to serve in the harbour or sail for His Kingdom cause, may we never forget that we are always all under the command of our Great Harbour Master, Captain, God and King. Let us do what we are called to do with courage and humility and with all of your heart so that we may advance His kingdom.

Right now I would see myself as a ship. It has been one of the greatest privileges of my life to serve as a ship in His service and I love all that goes with it, but I do wonder if at some point, when my current assignment is finished, if our Harbour Master and King will see fit to change my assignment and allow me the privilege to work in one of His awesome Harbours to see ships formed and created to set sail or repaired and restored for His kingdom Cause.

Roy Harley
Christian Surfers International Director